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envelopes portfolio cover design


Send a proposal. Say thank you. Mail an invoice. Pass off a memo. Pack up an annual report. While most of us opt to “go paperless” and save the trees, there is still information that needs to be physically passed off.…
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Letterhead Cover Design


Write a proposal. Say thank you. Draft a request. Send out a memo. Create an annual report. Make a paper airplane. Living in a digital age, we still use quite a bit of paper. Sometimes you just need a hard…
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Logo Portfolio Cover


Enjoy our collection of logo design samples. Featuring a few  of our favorites + some our recent logo designs, click any image to see the logo isolated. To view our different packages and see how we can help you bring…
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Massey Business Card Design by Creative 7 Designs

Business Cards

Everyone needs business cards. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, your card is how people remember you after that first meeting. Below you will find a few samples of business card designs we have done recently. If…
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